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Steven Lloyd, Author

He refers to himself as a “GSOB” (Grandson of a Builder). For Steven Lloyd’s entire life, he has been involved in some form of building. For a large share of his adult life he has been interested and involved in construction, home remodeling, and real estate. As past president of Better Home Builders Corp, and Northwest Realty Company, Mr. Lloyd has personally managed thousands of projects. 
As David Stone said, “Steven Lloyd is one of those rare individuals that truly loves helping others.”Steven wrote “THE SECRETS TO SAVING BIG MONEY ON YOUR NEXT HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECT” to help you to avoid the service traps and money pits that cause people to hate the home remodeling process. This book has been condensed down to give you only the blueprint needed for you to build the home improvement pro plan that will produce the exact kinds of results that you are looking for.

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"The Secrets To Saving Big Money On Your Next Home Improvement Project"
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